When going about a luxury bathroom renovation, one of the primary concerns that you will have is selecting the proper surface materials for your style and needs.  Many of our clients in areas such as Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale, Lighthouse Point, and Boca Raton have opted to install slab walls in their showers, since they are both trendy and easy to maintain.  If you think that this might be the right choice for you as well, here are some of the pros and cons to consider:



Solid walls are fabricated to your space.  Quartz and porcelain walls can come in various patterns, finishes and colors, giving you the ability to design your slab walls to fit your specific bathroom style and needs.


Slabs require less day-to-day care, since you don’t have to concern yourself with tile and grout. Also, the absence of grout creates a sleeker profile, and a more seamless aesthetic. While the corners are typically caulked with silicone, the rest of the area is seam-free.


With tile surrounds, installation will take upwards of days. However, with slab walls, since they are one solid piece of raw material, the installation time typically takes up only one day.


Slab walls help to create a luxurious, minimalist feel, and provides an expansive design focal point.  The large panels can transform a space, and give it an air of sophistication that you are unlikely to find when using grouted tile.



With custom tile showers, niches for shower products or benches to sit on are simple to install. While you obviously cannot carve out niches in slabs, you do have some storage options such as adding shelves and small ledges.  However, if you install too many of them, it can make the area seem more cluttered, which can take away from the overall design.


If your bathroom has a lot of angles or a curved wall, a slab shower may not work. Part of the appeal of slab showers is to be able to create a seamless effect over a single large area, so a complex space with various different planes can really take away from the slab aesthetic, thus defeating the purpose.


Although slabs are faster to install once you actually have them in the bathroom, sometimes it can be challenging to actually get them in there. It is ideal to bring them through the front door, but some slabs may be too big to fit through there, so the process calls for some pre-planning. If the bathroom is on an upper floor, you might need a crane to lift them up to that level and bring them through a large window directly into the bathroom.

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