When building a custom home, there are so many unique designs that will help make it YOUR home. Listed below are some ideas for you to consider when doing so.


First impressions are everything, and there’s no better way to make a great one than with a stunning entry. Design choices such as high ceilings, open floor plans, or a breathtaking staircase are not only amazing to see, but they’re also very functional. We feel that the entryway deserves an extra bit of detail, simply because it’s what welcomes your guests into your home.


High ceilings are not just for your entryway, they can be utilized throughout your entire home.  They allow rooms to feel open and spacious, so you never feel cramped. They also help rooms to cool off much easier and faster, adding some much needed comfort in the summer, and increasing your home’s energy efficiency.


If you love to cook, you might as well cook in a luxury kitchen, where you’ll have custom storage options specifically catered to you. You can have your favorite spices right where you need them, and your best chefs knife an arms reach away. From the built in spice rack, corner drawers, pull out shelves, and countless other storage options, when building a custom home you have the ability to tailor your kitchen to fit your personal culinary needs.


Wood flooring is low maintenance, easy to clean, and lasts way longer than carpet. Also, it has a sleek look that will add to the value of your home.


In order to build a home cinema, all you need is a large screen, surround sound, and comfortable seating to make one of the rooms of your home into your own movie theater. This room can be enjoyed by the whole family for a movie night or even a spontaneous date night, but there are many other uses than just watching movies. It makes watching ballgames feel as close to being there as possible, and it can take your video game setup to a whole new level. A home cinema provides the same benefits of going to the movies without ever actually having to leave your home.


Accent lighting throughout the home helps to add style and elegance. There are many different ways to use accent lighting, from recessed light for cabinets and shelves, to wall lights, to helping light a staircase, or even to light a beautiful piece of art.


This can add an extra bit of privacy for an office or a secure place to store your valuables. A hidden room could also be used to hide a secret mancave or your private wine cellar.


A chef pantry is a separate room that holds everything else that your luxury kitchen will need, such as your ingredients, additional appliances, and even a separate area for cooking. A Chef’s pantry comes in very handy when you’re hosting a casual dinner event. By having a separate cooking area, you or your caterer can prepare your meals while keeping the mess hidden and out of the way of your guests.


Having a kitchen outside allows you to cook, clean, and entertain while enjoying the outdoors. Outdoor kitchens also help keep you involved with the party, as you won’t have to be constantly running back and forth from the inside to the outside. Also, when cooking outside, you will keep all of the smells and mess out of your new home. An outdoor kitchen is very useful for pool parties, family barbecues, and many other outdoor activities.

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