Many of our clients in areas such as Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and Lighthouse Point reside in concrete homes, and are very happy with them. People who love contemporary architecture typically appreciate the concrete aesthetic. For those that do, concrete homes offer many benefits, including the following:


Since we all like to feel that our home is our castle, might as well make it into a fortress….especially when living in a place like South Florida, where you know that Mother Nature will come roaring through occasionally. Tests have shown that concrete homes can withstand flying debris from tornadoes and hurricanes with wind speeds of up to 250 mph. Thus, during these types of events, which are inevitable from time to time, it’s much easier to relax with a glass of wine and a good book when you know that your “castle” is so heavily fortified.


Speaking of turning your home into a fortress, concrete homes offer tremendous protection against fires. In fire-wall tests, concrete walls withstood continuous exposure to intense flames and temperatures for many hours longer than wood frame walls were able to handle before structural failure started to occur.


Florida is amongst the most termite-infested states in the country, which causes several hundred million dollars worth of damages to homeowners every year. However, concrete is an unappealing food source for termites, since it does not contain cellulose, which are termites preferred choice of dining. Therefore, if you choose to live in a home made of concrete, you are virtually eliminating the possibility of termite damage.


Concrete walls contain no organic material, so they won’t support the growth of mold, mildew and other potentially harmful microorganisms. Also, since the walls are airtight, it is very difficult for water to penetrate into the home, even when being bombarded by Florida’s notorious torrential storms.


Those who live in concrete homes often say that the absence of unwanted noise is amongst their favorite benefits. The greater mass of concrete walls can reduce sound penetrating through a wall by more than 80% when compared to stick-built construction. While the home will obviously not be fully soundproof, a concrete home is substantially quieter than a wood-frame home.

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